• The Authentic cuisine

    Loukoumi Taverna is one of the top Greek restaurants in New York City. With a great selection of authentic recipes and a famous Greek chef, leads everyone to a unique and original food experience.
  • Islands in the city

    Greece is famous worldwide for the 3,000+ islands and the ecstatic blue color that surrounds them.Loukoumi's back yard is full of this feeling. Travel with your imagination to your dream land, and taste in reality the flavors and the spirit of the original Greek food.
  • Wonderful Enviroment

    Loukoumi is not only about food and drink. One of the most important part of the experience is our environment.

    Inside Loukoumi you'll get the actual feeling of being in Greece. All your surrounds reminds Plaka - the center of old Athens - making the experience even deeper.

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Loukoumi means...

Loukoumi, is a Greek word to describe something excellent in taste and flavor. Something that you still feel it in your mouth long time after you eat it. When we say "This food is loukoumi!" we mean the perfect food, the excellent!

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Backyard get-away

Another reason that Loukoumi is famous is the awesome green garden backyard.


Full Bar service

For those who like to include liquir after or before the food Loukoumi includes full bar.




Our Menu


Month's Offer

Loukoumi every month's offer for June:


Get any wine you like, the second is on us! (Monday and Tuesday)