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Ancient Greek Food, What Did They Eat?


Ancient Greek food wasn’t too much different from the foods we eat today. Of course, the methods of processing food were much different, and the Ancient Greeks had different ways of coming about their sustenance. For example, they may have kept a goat for access to milk and cheese.

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Greek Cuisine – A 4,000 Year Old Culinary Tradition


Greek cooking is fun for many reasons. The fact that some recipes have existed for thousands of years always creates excitement among those who are preparing Greek food – most of us have been exposed to some aspect of Greek history while in school, but it is even better when we get to eat something instead of study!

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The Greek Olive Oil


Did you know that in the Greek islands they have found fossilized olive leaves dating back 50-60,000 years old! The Greeks have been harvesting olives for quite some time.

It is said that Greece devotes around 60% of its cultivated land to exclusively growing olives.

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